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Why Work with an AS9100 Certified Company

Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 10:00AM

Why Work with an AS9100 Certified Company

The most used quality management standard in the aerospace and defense industry is the AS9100 certification. Certified companies implement a quality management system that adheres to the same principles behind the requirements of the international AS9100 manufacturing standard that also improve the quality of their products and services. By managing, controlling, and auditing their own processes, while also having an outside certification body verifying the compliance of their quality management system, clients of AS9100 certified companies can find peace of mind in the knowledge that everything is well in hand. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of working with an AS9100 certified manufacturer.

Continuous Auditing and Process Improvement

Companies with an AS9100 certification comply with regular audit processes to ensure that they are meeting procedural and documentational requirements in their everyday business operations. For a menial amount of time and effort, these audits are essential for the planning and execution of improvements to the manufacturing processes via analysis of facts and documentation revolving around the company. These audits ensure that the best decisions are made for the client, which lead to more efficient operations, improved performance, and increased profitability.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When designing a quality management system to comply with AS9100, certified companies take the needs of the customer into account. By actively requiring feedback, AS9100 certified companies gain a better understanding of the needs of their customers and adjust their goals and objectives based on this information. Simply put, a company with an effective QMS (quality management system) will meet customer expectations better than a company without it. As such, AS9100 certified companies will spend less time focused on goals of individual departments and instead commit that time towards meeting the goals of the customer.

Smoother Manufacturing Processes

Unfortunately, not every manufacturing process can go exactly according to plan due to unforeseen complications that may occur. However, what sets an AS9100 certified company apart from those without the certification is how they handle these issues in manufacturing. When confronted with a processing or manufacturing issue, an AS9100 certified company is required to document each issue, find the root cause, and prove that it has taken the necessary steps to avoid similar issues in the future. Customers can rest assured knowing that their manufacturer has an ongoing commitment to quality and improvement.

Quality Guarantee

The AS9100 certification is internationally recognized for its degree of quality assurance within the aerospace and defense industry and that pedigree also carries numerous associated benefits with it. For example, product conformity is unparalleled because each product is audited to meet the highest standards of quality. Certified companies follow stringent safety testing standards while also working towards the goals of their customers to ensure that superior products are manufactured to align exactly with their expectations. Products with materials that are sourced, produced, and manufactured by an AS9100 certified company have a possible increased sale potential due to that company’s documented commitment to the highest quality of manufacturing, service, and safety.

Production of Superior Products

Across all industries, customers that partner with AS9100 certified companies stand to benefit no matter what their product is. This certification proves that all aerospace and defense products will comply with the highest quality standards and customer-based goals, from the components and processes to the end result. Extensive auditing is conducted to ensure that compliance with a superb quality management system is done every day to exceed customer expectations.

EEI Manufacturing provides a broad range of value-add engineering services that complement our comprehensive end-to-end manufacturing services, and all are proven to bring value and accelerate time to market. The quality and effort that we put into our AS9100 certification is the same attention we give to each item we manufacture for our customers. Contact EEI Manufacturing to learn how we can best service you on your next project.

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