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Supporting the Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security Industry for Over 25 Years

EEI Manufacturing has been supporting Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security industry leaders thrive by providing robust turnkey solutions to meet greater demands for agility, world class quality and meeting the expectations of the Defense Department's “Better Buying Power” affordability initiative.  Utilizing cross-trained, synchronized effective teams, we are highly adaptable and able to accommodate our customer’s shifting demands. The EEI team prides itself on truly being an extension of your organization, and we take it seriously that you've entrusted us with the success of your business.

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5 Habits to Maximize Online Training Classes
The goals of every learning method are the same, whether they be in-person or online. Even when done through a virtual space, training can still alter behavior through increased understanding or new ways of addressing a process. The learners are the same, the instructors are the same, and the outcomes are the same – the only thing that has changed is the delivery method. Online training classes may present unique challenges, but they can serve as excellent alternatives to traditional in-person settings especially after you learn these 5 habits.
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