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IPC Certification: What It Means for Your Company

Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 10:00AM

IPC Certification: What It Means for Your Company

IPC certification plays a pivotal role in bringing quality control, consistency, and excellence to the soldering industry. In a highly competitive and ever-changing industry, the manufacturing workforce needs to be trained, educated, and certified through programs that have been designed to uphold the gold standard of soldering, such as IPC-A-610 certification classes. Efficient production is vital to the success of your company, and it starts with a staff that is hired and trained to be IPC certified. Below, we detail what exactly IPC certification means for your company.

Building Consistent Products

Industry success and profitability both depend on consistency. Consistency in manufacturing methods and final product specifications yields a direct and positive correlation to consumer satisfaction. As satisfaction grows, repeat business becomes more likely. Maintaining IPC certification with technical courses is the best way to ensure that you employ a consistent staff.

Failure to maintain industry compliance can result in catastrophic consequences. If your staff does not follow IPC standards, then it can lead to a large-scale duplication of effort and an immense waste of labor hours and resources. Plus, it will tarnish your standing with clients and amongst the rest of the industry. IPC certification empowers your company with internal consistency to guarantee optimal production.

Improving Cross-Channel Communications

Miscommunication at any point of the manufacturing process can lead to inconsistencies and delayed production. Consistency is key between vendors and manufacturers. Maintaining proper communication hinges on both sides using the same terminology and practicing the same standards, and IPC certification guarantees that this is the case. Many employees and managers in the soldering industry attribute their success to speaking a common tongue of IPC standardization.

Reducing Costs

When production is consistent and cross-channel communications are streamlined, then the natural result is a reduction in production costs. Employing an IPC certified team will minimize the number of projects that need to be redone to fix soldering mistakes. The J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 technical courses both grant employees the knowledge to evaluate and service products at every stage along the assembly line and process, which reduces the number of rebuilds and reworks. This saves your company money on labor and materials, as well as maintains a higher standard of quality control.

After investing in IPC certification for your staff, you’ll find that your ability to produce high-quality product efficiently and consistently for clients becomes much simpler. IPC certifications enable your company to become a trusted provider within the industry while promising future business growth, too. To find nationally recognized certifications in IPC standards and technical training for your staff, turn to EEI Manufacturing. With over 25 years of high reliability manufacturing experience in the defense and aerospace sector, we are your ideal choice for acquiring IPC materials. Review our catalog of courses and request a quote online!

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