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Why Technical Learning Centers are Gaining Momentum

Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 9:00AM

Why Technical Learning Centers are Gaining Momentum

In recent years, we have witnessed an unprecedented amount of individuals seeking to either enter into or ascend in the workforce by acquiring short-term education at an affordable cost. Micro credentials and industry certifications have gained tremendous momentum for this very reason. Understanding why technical learning centers are continuing to gain momentum starts with explaining micro credentials and how they apply to individuals pursuing IPC certification. Just read on to learn more.

A New Emphasis on Credentials

In 2018, a study by Northeastern University found that “a majority of HR leaders reported either having a formal effort to deemphasize degrees and prioritize skills (23%) or are actively exploring and considering this direction (39%).” Many employers are highly valuing certifications gained from technical courses, so more individuals are seeking technical learning centers to acquire these essential skills.

Furthermore, the study also adds, “online credentials are now mainstream, with a solid majority (61%) of HR leaders believing that credentials earned online are of generally equal quality to those completed in-person.” Fortunately, online training classes provide an avenue for individuals to pursue IPC certification from the safe confines of their own home. As the Northeastern University study goes to show, employers are making a deliberate effort to seek out and hire these certified individuals.

Short-Term Learning

Many industries have experienced turbulence in their workforce in recent years, whether through layoffs or employee turnover. In response, individuals are pursuing shorter forms of learning so that they can acquire valuable skills and transition quickly between jobs. Unemployment can last anywhere between a few days to a few months, but technical learning centers give individuals an opportunity to enroll in certification classes and maximize their chances of going back to work.

Fast Turnarounds

According to a survey by Strada Education Network, one third of people who have lost their jobs since early 2020 worry that they need more education to get a new job. Additionally, one out of every four lower-income adults say they only have enough cash in hand to cover their cost of living for three months if they’re laid off. More than ever, it seems time is of the essence for unemployed individuals. Technical learning centers can grant valuable certifications in as much time as one week so that individuals can continue to earn an income.

Technical learning centers are gaining momentum because individuals are fleshing out their own professional development by acquiring as many micro credentials and technical certifications as possible. EEI Manufacturing is playing our own part in our industry’s growth by offering a full curriculum of technical courses. Contact us today to learn more about the diverse array of certifications available at our technical learning centers.

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