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5 Trends in Technical Certification for 2021

Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 10:00AM

5 Trends in Technical Certification for 2021

The role of learning and development (L&D) has demonstrated immense growth well into 2021 due to unprecedented change outside of all our organizations. When it comes to technical courses, we have been forced to rethink how to effectively deliver certification classes to an eager workforce despite a pandemic. Now, as the needs of businesses continue to change and adapt to a modern landscape rife with uncertainty, employees must still be able to master the skills necessary for their trade. Keep reading to discover 5 trends of technical certification in 2021.

Hybrid Learning is Now Normal Learning

Over the course of this past year, employees have demonstrated a preference for flexibility. However, remote work is not feasible all the time for many members of the workforce, such as essential workers. Hybrid learning provides the ideal opportunity for employees to enjoy flexibility while still reaping all the benefits of in-person learning.

Enhanced and Immersive Learning Experiences Through Technology

By now, we are all familiar with the typical remote work experience. Online rooms for video calls and “face-to-face” meetings have helped sustain a feeling of togetherness, even in environments like online solder training courses. However, the advent of 5G technology and immersive platforms like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) now offer online training classes the ability to delve into virtual “shoulder-to-shoulder” instruction for students. Right before our very eyes, the virtual classroom is still getting fleshed out.

Heavier Workloads

2021 has introduced increased workloads, broader job responsibilities, and new skill requirement as we adapt to a different way of life. This disruption has provided many companies with avenues for growth, but the same holds true on an individual basis as well. To quell the increase in work, employees are seeking out career development, wellness, and other benefits. As such, evolving learning programs, such as the soldering training courses offered by EEI, may inspire employees, and promote both growth and retention.

Accelerated Learning

As we navigate a pandemic and even beyond, it will be critical for L&D to bring new staff up to speed quickly. Therefore certification classes are evolving to not just train new employees quickly, but also diversify the skillsets of existing employees. When new areas of demand present themselves, L&D teams need to be ready with new, adequate training programs. This prompt education will shore up any organization’s skills to address the challenges of the modern market.

Digital Format Integration

Organizations that were already integrating digital transformation had a head start but now, everyone is in a position to take the lead – including learning departments. Tapping into the power of these digital formats is only half the battle. The other half is knowing how to learn, which may not come easy to companies and staff without experience on these platforms. However, current soldering certification classes are adapting to digital formats, allowing students to foster the state of mind necessary for continued innovation and success in an online age.

We have already adjusted so much about the way we conduct education and work. Now, with tangible examples of how our world is changing right in front of us, the onus is on L&D to adapt learning curriculums to educate a hybrid workforce. Fortunately, solder training courses show no signs of yielding to the modern landscape, and EEI’s training curriculums are proof of that. Review our training catalog here, then request a quote for any of our certification classes!

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