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Trends in Advanced Manufacturing for 2021

Fri, Apr 23, 2021 at 9:58AM

Trends in Advanced Manufacturing for 2021

Advances in technology have changed the way nearly every industry operates. Not only are the latest advances necessary to gain an edge in the marketplace, but they have also been revolutionized in the pandemic era to accommodate unprecedented circumstances. As a proven technology leader in key areas such as printed circuit boards and backplanes, EEI Manufacturing has first-hand insight into the trends that will shape advanced manufacturing in 2021. Read on to learn more about how our industry will continue to evolve this year.

The Internet of Things
Though IoT has long been a growing trend in advanced manufacturing, it is projected to fly higher than ever before in 2021. In short, the Internet of Things is the interconnection of unique devices within an existing internet infrastructure. What that means for manufacturers is a constant line of communication between devices, automating informed and strategic decision-making using real-time data to achieve goals. A recent study by the MPI Group shows that roughly 31% of manufacturers incorporate smart devices, while 32% plan to embed such technology into their products.

Accessible Automation
Automated manufacturing is not a new principle, but advances in technology have served to make it more accessible to manufacturers of different kinds. Automation is made possible with easy-to-use robotics solutions, user-friendly Manufacturing Process Management systems, and human-robot collaboration. Investing in manufacturing automation is leading organizations to reduced costs, efficient workflows, and increased bottom lines.

3D Printing

Though 3D printing has become accessible to the general populace only in recent years, it has been a staple of manufacturing for almost 40 years – and now, it is better than ever. Historically, tooling has been an expensive and time-consuming process of manufacturing, including facets of production such as creating the molds and fixtures necessary for creation of heavy equipment. With the availability of 3D printing, tooling can be completed onsite in just a matter of days, saving manufacturers an abundance of time and costs.

Predictive Maintenance
Downtime is one of the greatest threats to manufacturers. One unforeseen error can yield a loss of effective work and profit. Fortunately, more and more companies are starting to implement useful business analytics, including predictive maintenance which is a proven tactic that combats unplanned outages of equipment. Using IoT is sure to provide manufacturers with insight into equipment performance and will add years to product lifespans, which also adds a wealth of information to your bottom line.


Transition from B2B to B2C
The traditional business-to-business (B2B) model for manufacturers has been getting scrapped and replaced with the contemporary business-to-customer (B2C) model. Many businesses have made this change due to a wide array of benefits, including:

- Avoiding wholesale prices for their products and getting the full manufacturer’s suggest retail price
- Having full control over their brand by eliminating misrepresentation by third parties
- Gathering more reliable customer data that can result in stronger relationships, better products, and increased sales

Rely on EEI Manufacturing for advanced solutions to your manufacturing needs. We bring over 25 years of experience in full service engineering and our focus on agile, affordable, and efficient manufacturing is what makes us the ideal company to guide you through the latest industrial age. Contact us today to learn more about our many services.

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