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PCB Assembly Manufacturers: Key Players in Electronics Manufacturing

Mon, Sep 11, 2023 at 1:10PM

PCB Assembly Manufacturers: Key Players in Electronics Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly manufacturers play an increasingly-important role in the growing field of electronics manufacturing. Across industries – from aerospace to defense and homeland security – PCB manufacturers play a major part when it comes to the conversion of electronic designs into operational hardware. This expanding technological revolution has major players in PCB assembly at its forefront, including EEI Manufacturing as a provider of sophisticated engineering solutions for the modern era.

EEI’s story reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence, our passion for staying at the forefront of innovation, and our drive to surpass the needs of the always-changing technological landscape. Read on to learn more about our involvement in this exciting field!

A Comprehensive Array of Services

EEI Manufacturing offers an extensive spectrum of services by design. In this way, we are able to tailor our services to accommodate different stages of the product development cycle with PCB assembly. We take a holistic approach to ensuring optimum product performance – and this is ensured with our expertise in PCB layout design, coupled with our Design for Excellence (DFX). Seamless and efficient component management is also possible with our exhaustive Bill of Materials (BOM) management services.

Overall, we’re committed to agility and to innovation, as highlighted by our comprehensive lean manufacturing assessment and approach to new product development. EEI believes in ensuring top quality, crafted through meticulous test services and rapid prototype development. At EEI, PCB manufacturing isn’t just a service. It's our passion.

Unrivalled Engineering Expertise

EEI Manufacturing currently holds 25 years of engineering experience under our belt. With this strong history in the field, we pride ourselves on leadership in design and development of hardware. We continue to meet military requirements for both environmental standards and flight qualification. We specialize in the procurement and ruggedization of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology for military applications. At the same time, our engineering capabilities span from "Build to Spec" to "Build to Print.”

Overall, as we deliver flight-qualified hardware, we aim to highlight our success in both comprehensive engineering and PCB manufacturing.

Provision of High Reliability Products

EEI’s goal is continuing to provide high-reliability products for military, aerospace, ground tactical, and other defense applications, including homeland security. We have a reputation of upholding the highest industry standards – and our dedication to excellence remains unparalleled, with adherence to AS9100D Certified quality processes, DFX, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), and Design for Test (DFT).

Advanced Manufacturing Services

Advanced technology and expert craftsmanship come standard in EEI Manufacturing’s suite of services. Box build and system integration to mechanical assembly and circuit card assembly are all part of our offerings. We manufacture the highest quality PCBs utilizing X-ray technology for the inspection of critical components and state-of-the-art placement systems.

Also, our operators are certified to a range of exacting standards. These include J-STD-001, IPC-A-610, and IPC/WHMA-A-620. In every area, we continue to underscore our unflinching dedication to quality in PCB manufacturing.

Trusted Mentorship and Endorsement

At EEI Manufacturing, our credibility is bolstered by our endorsement by the Naval Air Systems Command as part of a Department of the Navy approved 4-year DOD Mentor Protégé Agreement with Raytheon SAS. Customers can rely on trust and security when choosing our services based on this endorsement, as well as our overall demonstrated capacities and capabilities in PCB manufacturing and printed circuit board assembly.

The Impact of PCB Manufacturing

Beyond just the immediate production of vital hardware components, the value of PCB manufacturing extends far into the growth and expansion of many industries. This field is truly powering endless technological advancements and driving expanded economic growth across our country and worldwide. EEI serves as a driving force in the electronics manufacturing industry with our commitment to delivering superior PCB manufacturing services – and evolving our methods and products to align with ever-changing needs of our growing customer base is a foundational aspect of our continued success.

Nurturing Innovation in Printed Circuit Board Assembly

As EEI’s teams continuously strive to enhance our technical expertise, improve the services we offer, and innovate all our practices, we push the boundaries of modern printed circuit board assembly. From today into our future, we strive to open new possibilities to our clients and accelerate the benefits of our combined success.

At the same time, the landscape surrounding electronics manufacturing continues to evolve. Our critical role involves working tirelessly to fuel the technological advancements of our time. With a broad array of services and commitment to quality, we aim to be more than just a manufacturer, and instead a committed partner to shaping the future of electronics manufacturing.

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