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Take Care of Your Irons with These Tips Taught in Solder Training

Tue, May 24, 2022 at 9:00AM

Take Care of Your Irons with These Tips Taught in Solder Training

The process of soldering involves melting either tin lead or lead-free solder at high temperatures in order to join less fusible metals. Continuous soldering will cause damage to the soldering tip overtime, and that is why cleaning in between each use is vital. Read on as we discuss care tips for your soldering irons while soldering.

Tip Tinning      

In our soldering classes, the instructors demonstrate to students the importance of tinning solder iron tips. Tinning the solder iron tips not only prolongs the tip's usage but can save money by purchasing fewer tips overtime. In order to tin your solder tip, you must first apply a thin coating of solder. The thin layer provides a base to help solder flow when soldering. Tinning also helps protect against oxidation of the tip.

Using Brass or Stainless-Steel Wool

Another useful tip on how to clean your solder iron tips is to use brass or stainless-steel wool pads. Using metal wool will adequately remove dirt and other debris from the solder tip.  After thoroughly cleaning, it is suggested to wet the tip with a small amount of solder. This method is used to prevent oxidation from occurring, and potential damage to the solder tip.

As these tips are helpful in cleaning your solder tips, it is also important to purchase exceptional soldering tools. EEI Manufacturing Services is an authorized distributor of Hakko USA. Contact us for more information regarding your solder tips and equipment needs.

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