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Finding the Best Online Training Companies

Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 9:00AM

Finding the Best Online Training Companies

The importance of online manufacturing training has been highlighted in recent years, especially in response to stay in place orders and new safety protocols. Time away from the manufacturing floor is an opportunity cost that is not easily retrieved and, therefore, some companies may have the mindset that training done offsite or remote is “wasted.” However, as many types of training have transitioned to an online format, technical certification classes are being pushed in the same direction.

While students cannot acquire hands-on learning in a remote setting, they can still effectively acquire knowledge about specifications and regulations via online training. As such, online manufacturing training can still apply to certifications such as the IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001. Online training services can either be standard training or custom training based on the training requirements specific to your needs. For example, students from multiple locations can be trained all at the same time, or individuals can learn and be tested on material at their own leisure.

What to Look for in Online Training Companies

 Making the choice to plunge in with online manufacturing training is easy due to its myriad of benefits and guarantee of safety. However, what isn’t as simple is finding the right online training companies for your needs. Continue reading as we explain a few key items to look for before choosing online training classes.

Compliant with Industry Standards

Soldering certification courses are created by a professional electronics industry association that defines the standards for manufacturing printed circuit boards. Students should only choose online training programs recognized by the IPC because they show hiring companies that you have the skills necessary to perform required job duties. A good jumping off point is the J-STD-001 certification, which is recognized as the preeminent authority for PCB assembly.

Upward Maneuverability

Online certification classes exist for students seeking to become either specialists or trainers. Experienced technicians who want to train industry colleagues have the choice to enroll in CIT (Trainer) programs, which authorize those certified to train others in CIS (Specialist) training. These programs are best undertaken by technicians with plenty of experience in the industry already.

PWB Manufacturing Industry Overview

The evolution of printed circuit board assembly has partially been driven by advancements in 3D printing, which can continue to provide our industry with immense manufacturing benefits in the future. Direct Teacher-Student Supervision In lieu of hands-on supervision, seek out certification courses that include plenty of teacher-student interaction. Having this kind of personal guidance is imperative throughout the learning process. It is possible to get supervised classes from IPC recognized companies in topics like inspection, repair, rework, soldering, and wire harness assembly inspection.

 When looking for the highest quality IPC training, turn to EEI Manufacturing. We offer a full catalog of certification classes to suit the needs of your business. Effective training of new employees results in a team that feels more self-reliant, is more productive, and has a higher feeling of loyalty. Contact EEI Manufacturing to learn more about our online IPC certification and technical training courses.

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