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5 Habits to Maximize Online Training Classes

Tue, May 11, 2021 at 12:35PM

5 Habits to Maximize Online Training Classes

The goals of every learning method are the same, whether they be in-person or online. Even when done through a virtual space, training can still alter behavior through increased understanding or new ways of addressing a process. The learners are the same, the instructors are the same, and the outcomes are the same – the only thing that has changed is the delivery method. Online training classes may present unique challenges, but they can serve as excellent alternatives to traditional in-person settings especially after you learn these 5 habits.

Hold Yourself Accountable

At the beginning of your online certification classes, set clear goals and check in with yourself after each session. Without the verbal or visual reminders often provided by others in traditional classroom settings, the onus is on you to make sure you have allotted enough time to complete your work. If you find yourself having trouble holding yourself accountable, enlist the aid of a fellow classmate, friend, or your spouse to check in on you frequently.

Practice Time Management

The flexibility to build your schedule around online technical courses is part of what makes this remote learning option so alluring for some. However, the freedom offered by online training can also be detrimental without the proper time management skills. Everyone manages their time in different ways but there are some time management tips that everyone can benefit from. For example, block off time to allot yourself enough opportunity to review course material before moving on to the next item.

Create an Organized Study Space

When learning at home, it is important to separate your online course from the rest of your life. Experiment within your own home to determine which environment best fosters learning for you, whether it is a kitchen table or a desk in the corner of your room. By completing work in your designated study space, you are more likely to establish a routine of learning. Plus, it will be easy to keep all your course material organized in one place.

Get Rid of Distractions

Your home environment is chock full of distractions that can easily derail your studies. Between hobbies, chores, or anything else in between, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome to best absorb your online training classes. The best remote learners can effectively lessen these distractions and set aside time to focus on their work. After finding your best study space, also work on cutting out all distractions by doing things like turning off your phone or listening to music.

Figure Out How You Learn Best

Not everyone learns the same way so spend some time thinking critically about what types of information help you best grasp new concepts and employ relevant study strategies. Visual learners may benefit from printing out course material to look over repeatedly, whereas those who learn best by listening can replay all course content as often as they need. Furthermore, consider which times of day you work best and set aside some time during those periods to make efficient use of your most effective hours.

Though online certification classes may come with their own unique challenges, they also offer a myriad of benefits even in the most chaotic of times. By following this advice, it will be easier to maximize your habits and succeed in any online training course. To learn more about the online training classes offered by EEI Manufacturing, please review the catalog on our website. Students of our courses can earn nationally recognized certifications in IPC standards and technical training, including IPC-A-610 training, from the comfort of their homes. Contact us today to get started on your online IPC certification or recertification.

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