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Technical Training Courses/Programs
  • Technical Preparatory Courses: For potential CIS candidates without the necessary foundation knowledge to understand the technology / terminology for the IPC - CIS certification programs. We developed preparatory courses to help prepare students to successfully achieve CIS status.
  • Basic Soldering Thirty-Two (32) Hour Program: The Basic Soldering Course is modularized curriculum that can be customized to fit your company requirements. Training modules include component identification, electrostatic discharge, tools and equipment, materials, preparing to solder, wires and terminals, through-hole soldering, SMT soldering, localized cleaning, and basic through-hole and SMT rework.
  • ESD Awareness and Prevention Four (4) Hour Program: The trainee will receive lecture and demonstrations on causes and effects of static electricity, electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress. Proper handling, storage and transportation procedures for electronic assemblies including personal grounding for seated and standing operations, monitoring of wrist straps, and methods of preventing electrostatic discharge damage will also be discussed. In addition, ESD failure models are covered to define the effects of ESD and why prevention is essential. Students will receive a certificate of completion from EEI.
  • Component Identification Eight (8) Hour Program: The training program explains the function of active and passive electronic components, reviews the basic through-hole and surface mount assembly process, and covers component part numbers, bill of materials, component reference designators, markings and orientation.

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